About The Company

FRUTECH. We Help You Create Real Masterpieces.

Look at conventional products from a new perspective. We'll provide all the necessary ingredients and a wide range of flavors to suit every taste so that you can unleash your true creative potential. For us, "natural" is not just a word, it is strict control at every stage of the manufacturing process, selection of the best ingredients, quality assurance, and constant monitoring of production requirements around the world.

Since 2017, FRUTECH has been providing care and support for your endeavors at every stage - from development to product delivery. Our team of experts will choose the best solution quickly and accurately. We will take into account all the nuances, regulations, laws, and requirements of the food industry in the country of application. Our warehousing facilities and a properly built supply chain will ensure fast delivery to any destination.

This is what we call FRUTECH.

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Your Production
With New Tastes!


How do you make a product or a drink successful? There are many nuances, but the most important thing in this regard is its taste. Without the taste and flavor that make you fall in love with it within the first seconds, a product will never be successful. And understanding how much benefit a product brings to your health only makes this feeling stronger.

How to get this vivid taste featuring all the power of nature? There is only one way – by using only natural flavors.

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Natural Extracts And Colorants

Natural extracts and colorants are the most important element in the production of products and beverages. No secrets here, only endlessly distinct taste, color, and aroma.

The first thing that captures the consumer's attention and gives them anticipation is a color palette. Creating our portfolio of colors and extracts, we take the most emotional colors that nature has to offer and preserve them in the form of stable, convenient, and useful products.

Products that help any manufacturer find the shortest path to the heart of the consumer.

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Grape Must Concentrate

Grape juice concentrate of selected quality. We ensure the highest quality of our grape juice concentrate by continuous multi-level inspection, from collection to delivery to your warehouse.

Our range includes white and red grape juice, as well as deionized concentrate.

FRUTECH products are always available in stock in our every branch. We guarantee that you will receive your order in time due to our strict control over delivery times.

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Our products are only 100% organic, we use only environmentally friendly raw materials that meet all standards and requirements. It is thanks to this approach that the FRUTECH brand represents the highest quality that is recognized all over the world.
High Quality
Proven production technology, strict control at every stage, flawless logistics, and proper storage. All this guarantees the best quality of FRUTECH raw materials.
FRUTECH company has established itself globally as a reliable supplier. Our products are widely used in the alcoholic and soft drink, confectionery, bakery, dairy, and meat industries.