A special place in oenology belongs to the drink filtration stage. Right filtration is the key to producing real wine which is notable for its purity, stability, and preservation of original qualities.

How do wine filtration professionals approach the issue? First of all, they choose the right material. The competent selection of filtration material depends on how clean and stable your wine will turn out. And, of course, how much it will keep all of its most important, original properties!

All filtration agents presented in our assortment are produced by the leading world producers who know a thing or two about creating high-quality wine.


Realizing that the quality and level of a drink depend on the filtration procedure, we offer our clients the following products:

  • Cardboard
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Perlite

Filters are widely used in winemaking. Provided they are of high quality, they provide thorough filtration of the product and feature a large nominal flow capacity reserve. Only with this procedure is it possible to create quality alcoholic beverages based on fruits and berries (gin, grappa, aquavita, etc.). We accurately select the right type of a filter for the preparation of a particular kind of beverage based on technological requirements. We offer all types of filters for any level of filtration, from coarse to fine.

Properly selected filtering material reduces the cost of wine production, making it efficient and delicate. The material does not dissolve in wine and does not have any additional after-taste. Some types of filters are used to remove the smallest particles. In everyday life, we encounter similar materials in drinking water filters.

Filters are also very useful in the petrochemical industry. They play the role of oil spill adsorbents.

A wide range of filters and auxiliary filtration agents is always available, including consumables for carbon filtration and candle filters.

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