Natural Ingredients

Our passion for healthy products with the bright taste and pleasing color is not limited to creating our own components. We are also passionate about searching and supplying the best ingredients!

Our commitment to collecting key premium ingredients for the food and alcohol industry around the world helped us establish partnerships with leading producers of essential oils, natural acids, and other essential ingredients.

All these products are constantly available at FRUTECH warehouses!

Thanks to this, we deliver products to our customers within the shortest possible time. FRUTECH’s continuous efforts to deliver the best components to the customers in the shortest possible time are the foundation of our customer appreciation strategy!

Natural Ingredients

Essential Oils

Essential oils for the food industry from the best manufacturers undergo mandatory laboratory testing. The combination of initial high quality and continuous monitoring by our experts is a guarantee that every FRUTECH customer gets ingredients that match the level of the product they produce.

Essential oils are used to produce a huge number of products. Among them are confectionery and bread products, alcoholic and soft drinks, sauces, and meat products.

Natural Acids

Natural acids are used in different branches of the food industry. Not a single production can do without them. Thus, food additives in the form of acids are an integral part of soft and alcoholic beverages, confectionery products, and canned food.

Our range includes:

  • L+Tartaric acid manufactured in Spain and Italy;
  • Citric Acid;
  • L-malic acid;
  • Lactic acid.

Tannins, Oak Extracts And Chips

Oak chips are yet another ingredient that plays a huge role in the production of alcoholic beverages. Besides chips, oak chips, cubes, and blocks are also used. They give beverages (especially cognac, whiskey, and bourbon) a characteristic shade and delicate flavor thanks to tannins - substances contained in oak wood.

FRUTECH range includes:

  • Oak chips, cubes, blocks (France);
  • Oak extracts (France);
  • Tannins;
  • Yeast and enzymes