Natural flavors

When it comes to natural flavors, organic components are of real value. It is a win-win situation all around. The manufacturer creates a high-quality and healthy product. The buyer gets to enjoy authentic, organic flavors.

Taste always brings a variety of new experiences. It can amaze you, it can offer you sensations that will stick with you for a long time because it is the taste and smell that are best remembered. What does it mean in practice? Well, it is pretty simple. The defining moment is when the customer gets to taste your product for the first time. This first impression of its taste and flavor determines whether they will keep coming back.

FRUTECH takes advantage of what nature has to offer to make this first impression truly unforgettable. Nothing compares to natural food flavors. Your customers will immediately recognize a real, harmonious taste. The taste that can't be confused with anything else.

We are passionate about creating and fine-tuning our natural flavors. We know everything about them but always continue our pursuit of perfection, offering our customers all those amazing, enchanting tastes, encouraging them to keep coming back.

FRUTECH will select and perfect the flavor for your production needs. We will make sure that it meets your but, most importantly, your consumers’ expectations.

Making the Magic Happen
  • We take only the best raw materials to create our flavors. No compromises here!
  • Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable industry professionals who are passionate about what they do.
  • We will accurately match the flavor to the client's needs.
  • FRUTECH offers natural, organic flavors that will be recognized right away. Our range includes more than 300 flavors.
  • Our flavors last long. Neither heat treatment nor hot filling reduces the intensity of our flavors. They retain their original, natural strength.
Areas of Application
  • Confectionery and bakery industry

    Confectionery and bakery industry

  • Manufacture of juices and other soft drinks

    Manufacture of juices and other soft drinks

  • Dairy and fat and oil industry

    Dairy and fat and oil industry

  • Meat and sausage industry

    Meat and sausage industry

  • Canning and fruit and vegetable industry

    Canning and fruit and vegetable industry