Bulk Wine And Bottled Wine

Regardless of your approach - making drinks from bulk wine or selling bottled wine under your own brand - we know what really good wine should be like.

Bulk wine is the most important component in wine production. It is the quality of natural bulk wine that determines the versatile and rich taste of the end product - be it table, dessert, or sparkling wine.

To create wine that amazes the consumer with its fine and natural taste, it is important to select the right quality bulk wine. FRUTECH experts, who know everything about wines, are responsible for selecting the right raw materials.

One of the advantages of FRUTECH is cooperation with the leading wine producers around the world. Offering a wide range of wines and taking into account the flexibility of our logistics chain, we guarantee an uninterrupted supply of both quality raw materials (bulk wine) and a finished product for your retail network.
Bottled Wine

The development, production, and licensing of wines under an individual brand also falls within our competence. High-quality bottled wine of any kind is a quick way to win the recognition of the customer and to establish your brand.

In addition to developing wines for your brand, FRUTECH can arrange delivery of drinks from leading manufacturers to stores and dealer networks directly to the end consumer!