Grape Must Concentrate

Stability. Control at each stage. Selected grape must concentrate for the best drinks.

Global vineyard surface is about 10 million hectares. By uniting the efforts of craftsmen, we’ve managed to develop a unique strategy of control over incoming raw materials. Our grape juice concentrates undergo multi-level laboratory testing before they are delivered to your warehouse. This is why FRUTECH guarantees product stability - from soft drinks to wine.

Our team will help you choose the right product to meet all your requirements and expectations.

Our concentrated grape juice is always available. It is our way to be one step ahead. We guarantee fast delivery of the ordered product anywhere in the world - within 10 working days at most.

Types of Must
  • Concentrated white grape juice (must)  —  65-70 Brix
  • Concentrated red grape juice (must)  —  65-70 Brix (wide color range)
  • Rectified must  —  65-70 Brix

We deliver concentrated juice for wine and soft drinks in any packaging that is convenient for the customer, including tank truck, flexitank, 1,000 l (264 gallons) IBC, or 200 l (53 gallons) barrel.

FRUTECH grape must concentrate is the key to creating healthy, popular products and drinks with impeccable taste. After all, it is the quality of the raw materials that determines how effective the processing and production process of your product will be at further stages.