Natural Extracts And Colorants

FRUTECH natural food colorants and extracts are the most successful deal with nature, giving a strong first impression to thousands of consumers of various products and beverages.

At FRUTECH, we like to compare people who create new products and drinks with artists. This comparison is 100% accurate because creating new products is a very subtle task. In addition, our experts must find the exact shade. For this purpose, selecting a suitable food colorant takes a long time and involves a lot of effort.

Why Is It Important?

It's all about consumer psychology. It is the color that first attracts the buyer's attention. Shade gives a foretaste, emotional anticipation. In short, it encourages the consumer to choose a product and taste it in any way!

This is where nature comes in, suggesting the right direction. Real masterpieces for the food industry that capture the imagination of the consumer at first sight are created with the help of natural colorants.

BERRYMIX – unforgettable natural red in all of its shades. Fully preserving its natural properties, our portfolio of extracts, ranging from forest berries to grape skin extracts, will help you see the color differently.

The colorants used in the BERRYMIX line are rich in anthocyanins which not only provide an unlimited palette of shades but also benefit the human body. We have every shade in our range from red to dark purple. The strength of the colorant varies flexibly to suit your needs.

Natural Extracts

Today, innovative technologies relieve the manufacturer of the burden of searching for raw materials and preparing them. All you have to do is use a precisely selected product from the FRUTECH's wide portfolio.

FRUTECH natural plant extracts for the beverage and food industries are made from 100% organic raw materials. We take the true power of nature and preserve it in the form of stable, practical extracts for the food industry.

Let Us Let You In On One Of Our Secrets

All FRUTECH products undergo a multi-level selection and on-site control of raw materials. This approach makes it possible to get the most out of what nature has to offer. In addition, all our products meet the highest international standards and follow best practices of the leading producers of extracts for the food industry.

Our organic plant extracts are widely used in the production of drinks, especially alcoholic beverages. Our extracts fully preserve taste and color, remaining stable in the finished product of any type (in hard and soft liquors and cordials).

An extensive range is one of the key advantages of FRUTECH. Our products include extracts of herbs and spices, mint, cardamom, juniper, and many other popular flavors.

Areas of Application
  • Production of hard and soft liquors

    Production of hard and soft liquors

  • Confectionery and bakery industry

    Confectionery and bakery industry

  • Manufacture of juices and other soft drinks

    Manufacture of juices and other soft drinks

  • Dairy and fat and oil industry

    Dairy and fat and oil industry

  • Meat and sausage industry

    Meat and sausage industry

  • Canning and fruit and vegetable industry

    Canning and fruit and vegetable industry